How to Change Terminal Font Size in Ubuntu 22.04

Last updated: May 11, 2022

When working on the terminal, you require a comfortable font size and style for your eyes. From Ubuntu graphical interface you can easily change the terminal font size. You may increase or decrease the terminal font size based on your satisfaction.

In this guide, we learn how to change terminal font size in Ubuntu 22.04.

Change Terminal Font Size in Ubuntu

The terminal default font size is 12 and uses Ubuntu Mono style. Ubuntu 22.04 comes with the default GNOME 42.0 desktop environment.

You can follow the following steps to change the ubuntu terminal font and size.

Step 1: Open the terminal

To open a new terminal window type CTRL+ALT+T from the keyboard or by going to the Applications menu and search for "terminal".

search terminal application

Step 2: Go to Terminal Preferences

On the terminal top bar click on three parallel lines and select Preferences

select Preferences from the menu

The alternative method to open terminal preference is from the context menu by right-clicking anywhere inside the terminal.

Step 3: Enable Custom font

On the Preferences window choose the "Unnamed" profile to edit the Font settings and then in the Text tab enable Custom font by ticking the check box.

In Font settings - Unnamed profile enable custom font by ticking the check box

Step 4: Change Terminal Font Size

Click on the button showing the font type and size. By default, the button has Monospace with size 20.

button showing the font type and size.

This opens a window that allows you to choose the font name and size.

select font type and size

You can select your preferred font name and increase or decrease the font size. Then click on the Select button to set the selected font. You can close the Preferences window and you can see the font size enabled on the terminal.

You can see that my current font is Noto Mono and font size 14.

terminal showing new font size and style

To go back to the default terminal font size, just simply uncheck the Custom font box.


In this guide, we learned how to change the ubuntu terminal font.

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